The Potential In Me

About Us

Providing Services To Individuals With Disabilities and More…

Founded in 2018 by Anita Barringer and Erika Dallas, The Potential In Me is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the underserved groups in the community. Based in Woodbury, NJ, our nonprofit organization offers youth services to high school students through various programs. As time went by, we’ve grown to become a resource center for many different people in the community.

The Potential In Me is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that’s committed to helping necessitous individuals in our community achieve independence and consistently grow in all aspects of life. Our mission is to provide various valuable services to target groups in the community.

Our Vision

The Potential In Me’s vision is to become a one-stop resource sanctuary for the underserved people in our community, offering socialization, education, and enrichment.

We offer an oasis where inclusion is highly promoted by bringing everyone together, one person at a time, and providing a space for leisure activities for our members to enjoy. Social skills are enhanced by community events where individuals are able to bond and experience new things with like-minded individuals.

Due to a lack of resources or a limiting disability, some individuals do not have access to all the tools needed to succeed. We plan to identify those barriers and work around them by empowering these individuals to be self-sufficient. Your road to independence may look different compared to others’, but it is an attainable goal.

Inquire About Our Community Services

The Potential In Me takes great pride in offering community services that are designed to help the youth and more. Since we started, we’ve always made it our goal to commit ourselves to serving the community. Through our various programs, we hope to uplift the lives of our members and prepare them for a brighter future ahead. If you wish to learn more, our friendly staff members are more than happy to respond to your calls and emails. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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